O' I love to do so many wonderful things, hosting parties for family and friends, cake decorating which works well with all these parties. Plus I started couponing in 2011, I use to clip a few here and there, but never really saved more then a couple of dollars. NEW STORY NOW! A friend and I saw a few of those couponing shows. We were hooked! We clipped, organized and then planned our trips. My it has been so much fun!! Join in and follow my adventure.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Birthday Party Update

Party Time

Party day arrived and we had so much fun!

                                                             Welcome to our Party

My favorite part of Halloween is pumpkin carving


The entrance way has treats, glow sticks, lollipops, and skull bracelets
Used a little pumpkin for the lollipops.
Used to plastic table covers to make the curtain and saw the spider on Pinterest.
Candy Buffet, every kids dream


Used cheese cloth to make the furniture look old.
Used white table cloth to cover up small cabinet. Saw this on Pinterest.  
                                                        What would a party be without a cake?
                                         Wanted to make something a little on the spooky side.

                                               A few party games for these young teens

                                                  Had to go with the traditional apple bob

Everyone got there picture take in front of this back drop

Found the balloons and napkins at Target  

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Halloween Party

Starting to get the decorating going for a Halloween Party.

We have never decorated for Halloween before. So I  got a few idea's from Pinterest.
Spent most of my decorating budget at the dollar store, then ran with what you see here.

    Plan to get some pumpkins to add to the porch

                                   Needed something a little spooky, found this at Walgreens
                                                        already on clearance for $3.49

                                                  Will add more treats the day of the party                                             

                                                               BAT INVASION!!!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

CVS Has Great Deals Again This Week!

  $61 dollars worth of products for under $10.00
plus a SMILE on my face

    CVS has a great deal this week spend $20.00 get $5.00 ECB (Extra Care Bucks) 
on a whole bunch of great brand
that you can match with Manufacture coupons. 
Last week I got 4 mouthwash and received $10.00 in ECB to start of this week.
This week I did three transactions to roll my store rewards so my out of pocket
expenses are minimal.

I scanned the magic machine when I first arrived at the store,
and got $5.00 off a $15.00 cosmetic purchase and $2.50 ECB quarter spending reward.
1st transaction
 Nexxus deal spend $20.00 get $10.00 ECB 
Got one Frizz Deft shampoo $10.99
& one conditioner $10.49
2 Dawn dish soap $.99 each
Total $23.49
Used my $10.00 ECB from last week
2 $3.00 off any Nexxus produce (printed from coupons.com)
used two .50 off Dawn
and a 25% CVS coupon received in the mail. -$5.37
MY TOTAL $1.12  Got $10.00 ECB
2nd transaction
Physicians Formula Lip Gloss $9.99 get $6.00 ECB
Almay make-up remover $5.79 get $3.00
Total $15.78
 Used the $5 off $15.00 cosmetic purchase
and used the $10.00 ECB from transaction 1
My Total $1.96 w/tax PLUS I got the $9.00 ECB
3rd Transaction
3 Tide each $5.94
1 Puffs tissue .99
6 snickers candy bars .50 each
Total $21.81
Used $5.00 off 3 tide products
.25 cent off Puffs &
2/ buy 2 get one free on Snickers
Plus used the $9.00 ECB from transaction #2 and the $2.50 from the magic machine.
My Total was $5.92 w/tax and got a $5.00 ECB for next week
I say that rocks....
Coupons are just so fun!
Also this week Carmex lip balm is B1G1 free at Walgreens.
I printed two $1.00 off two at coupons.com which made them .35 cents each.
Got 4 but my daughter grabbed one before I could take the picture
Can't wait to see what next week's ad brings.