O' I love to do so many wonderful things, hosting parties for family and friends, cake decorating which works well with all these parties. Plus I started couponing in 2011, I use to clip a few here and there, but never really saved more then a couple of dollars. NEW STORY NOW! A friend and I saw a few of those couponing shows. We were hooked! We clipped, organized and then planned our trips. My it has been so much fun!! Join in and follow my adventure.

Monday, September 16, 2013

$15.00 at CVS

$15.00 @ CVS gets you this...BUT

$15.00 with coupons gets you ALL THIS!!

That's 30 things for just $15.00
9/15 - 9/22  Killer Deals at CVS 
Here's the deal:
Transaction # 1
2 -boxes of Kellogg's Special K 2/$5.00 get $1.00 ECB
2 -Colgate toothpaste 2/$5.98 get $3.00 ECB
2- Colgate mouth rise 2/$5.98 get $3.00 ECB
1- A&W Rootbeer 2 LT .99cents
1- Rescue Remedy Gum $5.79 get $5.79 ECB
4 -Wet & Wild Make-up items $12.00
Sunday paper $2.00
 Subtotal be for tax $37.74
PAID $12.65 GOT $12.79 IN ECB (store dollars)
Transaction # 2
Neiva Body Wash $4.00
Neiva Body Lotion $6.00 get $3.00 ECB w $10.00 purchase
2- bags of M&M 2/$5.00
6- single size M&M B2G1= $2.00
1- Gain dish soap .99
3 -2LT Diet Coke and Coke $1.00 each
3 Snack Pack puddings $1.00 each
Paid $2.34 got $3.00 in ECB rewards.
Ended up with $3.00 in ECB's (store dollars) for next week!! . I get the best tips from FB pages like Wild for Wags (Walgreens), Wild for CVS & Krazy Coupon Lady. They do all the leg work and post the best deals of the week. I just cut out the coupons and show up to pick up the deals.

COUPONS & Store Rewards Used:
This week I started with a $5.00 ECB earned from the Beauty Club Plus $4.00  more ECB's from last week.
Used 2 -$1.10 off Colgate mouth rinse- MQ
1- $1.00 Colgate toothpaste - MQ (meant to give 2 of these)
2-$1.00 Colgate product -CVS coupons
$4.00 of any $10.00 mouthwash/toothpaste CVS coupon machine
.30 off A&W
$1.00/2 off Kellogg's cereal (Now there's a $1.00 of 1 Kellogg's coupon @ coupon.com)
$4.00 of any $12.00 cosmetic purchased- CVS machine
25% non-sale item coupon (received in mail) - $2.45
used my $9.00 ECB

$1.00 Nivea Body Wash
 $2.00 off Body Lotion
.25 off Gain Dish soap
2- B2G1 M&M singles= $1.00
$1.00 off 2 larger bag of M&M
Used $15.79 in ECB's

Remember to scan the magic machine before you shop.
 Last week I got a $1.00 off a gallon of milk. To make that better milk was on sale for $2.99 ended up paying just $1.99

LATER in the week......
I couldn't help myself, I saw another deal I couldn't pass up on.
Only .96 cents before tax
L'Oreal on sale $3.99 each
M&M buy2get1 free $1.00 each
total $9.98
but I had
$5.00 off 2 L'Oreal coupon
buy2get1 free coupon on M&M's
and a $3.00 store reward


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