O' I love to do so many wonderful things, hosting parties for family and friends, cake decorating which works well with all these parties. Plus I started couponing in 2011, I use to clip a few here and there, but never really saved more then a couple of dollars. NEW STORY NOW! A friend and I saw a few of those couponing shows. We were hooked! We clipped, organized and then planned our trips. My it has been so much fun!! Join in and follow my adventure.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


A good cutting tool can be your best friend. Here are some of the options I use. It varies depending on how many coupons I am cutting or the size of a mailing or pamphlet. I have an envelope opener, a mini paper cutter from my scrapbooking supplies, a pair of every day scissors and the green paper cutter which I found at the store with the gift wrap, all of these tools get the job done. I tend to use the purple envelope opener the most. I find the scissors make my fingers sore if I have a lot to cut out. I have also seen people use a razor blade placing a cutting board down first. I haven't tried that but it looks like it would work great especially with bulk cutting. HAVE FUN CLIPPING YOUR SAVINGS!!

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